This Is a Must in Order for Your to Reach Your Goals

This is a MUST in order for you to reach your goals:


Have you ever set a goal, only to realize a day goes by and you’ve completely given up?

How about all of those people who set New Years Resolutions and give up within 3 weeks?

Ya, that used to be me up until I found some really great people to become accountable to! 

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

In addition to this, 

When you make your goals public, you receive a combination of responses you can use to fuel your desire to succeed!

The reason why my clients are so successful in getting their spaces decluttered and organized, after having tried on their own, is not because I have special powers (although sometimes I think I do!), but it’s because they had someone to commit to and be accountable to!

 Here are 5 tips on how you can follow through on your goals more effectively through the practice of accountability

  1. Join a group or a community where you are all committed to a common goal.
  2. Surround yourself with competitive people who make their goals a MUST. 
  3. Find someone you know who will hold you fully accountable to your goals, no matter what excuse you try to come up with!
  4. Sign a commitment contract!
  5. Sign up for a coaching program that holds you accountable AND coaches you through it every step of the way in the event you feel weak, confused or overwhelmed. 

Goals take time, hard work, perseverance and commitment to achieve. More often than not, results do not come as quickly as you hope. So, you can easily lose motivation in the process and give up. However, everything changes when you seek leverage through an accountability system


To “be accountable,” all you need is a clear goal and a willingness to let others help you achieve it.


Which is why I have decided to create a 90-Day Coaching Program just for you! 

This 90-Day program will allow you to organize any area in your home.

It will allow you to:

  • Get clear on your goals
  • Identify what has gotten in the way of you reaching your goals up until today
  • Have bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • Accountability partners and
  • SO MUCH MORE! Oh my gosh!!

Click here to find out more and to see if this is for you. Limited spots available! 


My favourite mentor of all time once said, 

The path to success is to take massive, determined action. 

– Tony Robbins

If you’ve been wanting to get organized for quite some time now but you have felt hesitant and all these reasons and excuses arose, this is your chance! Whether you sign up for my coaching program, to work with me 1:1 or to find a friend/family member/ or mentor to become accountable to, you need to take massive action now! 


And hey, don’t forget to join my Facebook Group if you’re unsure of where to start 🙂 

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