Office Organization- Why is my office disorganized?


Organizing Your Office

The 5 reasons your office may be disorganized.

Is this you?

  • I waste most of my day looking for things.
  • I waste most of my day organizing/tidying my desk.
  • I waste most of my time rearranging and moving things around.
  • I pile everything in and around my desk, grab what I need, and work at the kitchen table instead.
  • My office is boring, not motivating, and too cluttered.

If you can relate to one or more of the items above, then chances are you need an office face lift/ transformation.

Organizing isn’t just grabbing what you own and placing it in a neat pile(s). Organizing requires strategic planning so that you can easily retrieve what you’re looking for as well as maintain it effortlessly.

Pay attention to the following:

1. Your habits

  • Do you drop stuff and leave it?
  • Do you put things back where they belong?
  • Do you hoard paper?
  • Do you buy more than you need?

2. The work you do

  • Are you in the office every day or are you in and out?
  • Is everything electronic or do you also use paper files?
  • Do you have a set schedule or routine?
  • Do you share the space with someone else?

3. Your personality

  • Do you prefer to have things left out so you remember you have it? (out of sight of mind)
  • Does clutter bother you? Can you work in chaos?

4. Your environment

  • Do you feel motivated in your space and inspired to work?
  • What is the temperature like in your space?
  • How is your decor? Desk and chair? Layout of the room? 

All of these are important when deciding to and trying to organize your space.

Why? Because organizing takes a long time and you want to do it right the first time! Also, this is your space. You want a space that you absolutely love or else you’re not going to want to be in it. Simple!

Think of organizing like a personal trainer for your space/life. It’s not a cookie-cutter-one-shoe-fits-all type of thing- it’s very custom to the individual.  

So, give these questions a thought and next week I will show you some tips and tricks on how to actually declutter and organize the space!

Last thing, please comment any specific questions that you may have so I can address them in my next blog post! Also, if you’re feeling stuck, I can help you 1:1 or do it all for you! Send me an e-mail and we can get started.

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