How to Organize Kids Crafts and School Papers

Kids Crafts- They’re so cute but I swear there is an endless supply of them!

So, what do you do?

I struggle as a mom when it comes to getting rid of my sons’ precious arts & crafts. I literally find everything so cute! So, what we do is as soon as he comes home from school, we hang up whatever art he wants to display. This means, one piece of art must come down and then we decide- does it go into the “special bin” or do we release it into the recycling?


Decisions decisions…


So, I felt inspired to share with you a short story about a mom and a daughter- Holly & Nahla. 


I had the opportunity to work alongside Holly & her daughter these past few weeks and I was able to help them really transform their space! We began decluttering and organizing every single item in the room. It was amazing!

To start, Holly felt rather upset about the state of her daughter’s room and the lack of an organizational system in the space. On top of that, she realized that all of the things that her daughter worked so hard on at school, was thrown into a pile mixed in with clothes, toys, and crafts. 


Having her daughters playroom the way it was really made her feel embarrassed, overwhelmed, and rather stuck. She had no idea where to start and the thought of even starting was overwhelming. 

Once we tackled the space together, we knew there was one last system we had to create- and that was for her daughter’s school accomplishments and memories.

So, I told her about my custom memory bins that I make for kids!



I showed her a photo of my son’s bin and she was so excited, she ordered one for both of her daughters.


She wasn’t sure if she could still get one because her daughter was already in the second grade, but I explained to her that we could go through the papers 1-by-1 and place them into the proper sections. I told her how happy my son feels anytime he creates something special because he knows that it gets to go into his “special bin”.


This was such a beautiful experience because both the Holly and Nahla had a chance to reminisce, laugh, and enjoy the moment sorting through all the past memories. 

During the process, Holly felt it was a lot easier to make decisions on the little crafts because her daughter was there to help make the decisions too.

These bins have 16 sections- all the way from baby through to grade 12 and even a section for photos!


I thought of this idea because I saw that a lot of families didn’t have systems for their kiddos items. Report cards, drawings, and photos were being shoved in drawers, closets, bags and boxes. The parents, of course, wanted to keep the items, however, they didn’t always get kept safe.

Their items started to get ripped, lost, wrinkled, and coffee spilled on them. It was kind of sad given as though the little kiddos are so darn proud when they come home and show us what they have created!

Now, Nahla and Holly are so excited because this bin is not only something that they can cherish forever but that they can refer back to it at any time to take a stroll down memory lane- such a beautiful opportunity to spend time together! These bins are near and dear to my heart and mean so much to me.

Every time I create one for a child, I can already begin to feel their excitement!

Kids feel so proud when they have a space to put the things that mean the most to them!


If you’d like to order one for your Child and you live in the Ottawa & Surrounding area, simply connect with me! 

For being on my blog, you’ll receive $15 OFF your bin.

I hope you love them as much as I do! 

With Gratitude & Love, 




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