How To Transform Your Pantry

Have you ever wondered what your pantry could look like if only it were organized?

Here’s a great example of that!

Here’s some tips on how you can transform your own pantry:

1. Remove everything from the pantry 1-by-1 while checking each expiry date. 

2. Have two piles: Keep and Toss Have you been wanting to organize your kitchen, or more specifically your pantry? Well, take a quick look at the video above to see just how we did it! 

3. For the “keep” items, begin to sort them into categories on the counter so that when you go to buy supplies, you’ll know how many/how big of containers you will need

4. Measure your space!
This will save you a ton of time and guesswork when you finally go to the store to buy supplies

5. Take stock of the supplies that you actually need.

I encourage you to look at other photos for inspiration. Sometimes it can be hard to know when to use a turntable vs. baskets. You can also always just ask me and I can give you my best advice. Simply head on over to my facebook page (like it!) then send me a direct message with your questions. You can also join my facebook group and post photos/questions there 🙂

6. Once you have determined which supplies you want/need and have gone out to buy them, you will then put your food into the containers!

7. Be intentional with the placement of your items so that you can really maximize the space

8. Use labels. You can either order custom labels (yes, I can make them for you!), chalkboard tape labels, you can use a label maker or even a chalkboard marker right there on your container. There are so many options! 

9. Maintain the space! 

10. Enjoy the endless benefits of having an organized space. You will notice that you spend less money on food, you’ll eat out less, you’ll cook more and enjoy your space overall! 

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