How To Teach Your Kids How To Keep Their Toys Organized

How To Teach Your Kids How To Keep Their Toys Organized

So, you’ve done the work it takes to get your kids playroom decluttered and organized. Now what?

Well, now they are going to come and mess up everything that you’ve done! Ha ha. Kidding (sort of).

Kids want to play with their toys, that’s a no brainer! And us parents want them cleaned up and organized. So what the heck! 

I personally do not enjoy cleaning up my sons toys at the end of every night by myself.. no way! So, just like anything, I’ve taught him how to keep his toys organized in the exact way that I left it. 

You’re probably thinking…

“Ya no, my kids won’t do that”

“Are you serious? Your 4-year-old organizes?”

“I have 4 kids… no way will that happen.”


Okay, now that we’re done with the reasons why it’s not possible, lets talk about why it IS possible! 


5 Quick Tips For Teaching Your Child How to Organize Their Toys

1. Create a system that THEY can understand and follow. 

  • Include labels which can be either words, photos, or BOTH! 
  • Use clear bins. This is very important! 
  • Use bins that have lids. That way, if bins tip over, everything won’t fall out. Also, they will be less likely to throw just anything in the container because in order to do so, they would have to physically take the lid off! 

2. Help them until they are able to follow the system on their own!

PS. You can continue to help them once they know the system too, this allows you to work as a team and have more time together 🙂 

Why do you need to help them until their know it themselves

  • Imagine you showed your child how to walk, only one time, and expected them to do it on their own from that day forward. Not likely. So, the same goes for organizing! You need to teach and guide them in learning the new system.
  • Instead of yelling from the other room, “CLEAN UP YOUR TOYS!” consider saying “It’s time to clean up your toys! Lets work as a team to put everything back where it goes! Can you help me put all the paw patrol in the container that has the paw patrol picture on it? This is where they go!” SEE, easy! 

3. Explain to them them why it is important to keep their space clean, tidy, and organized. 

Reasons why it’s important to keep their toys organized? 

  • It’s easier for them to find what they’re looking for, which also means…
  • They’re more likely to play with the toys that they have. Their playtime will be more valuable and imaginative, too!
  • It teaches them valuable skills that they can use anywhere in life
  • It allows them to feel calm in their space (cluttered = chaos=stress=no thanks)

4. Stay consistent. 

  • The moment you are feeling exhausted and too tired to stay on top of your kids, is when everything is going to go to shit (pardon my English). But seriously!

Here’s my personal truth:

When I am too tired, feeling sad, depressed, or just completely annoyed and fed up, I sometimes don’t care enough to remind my son to clean up his toys. Or some days I don’t care enough to guide him or help him tidy up. On those days, toys pile up and end up in every room of the house. I honestly don’t know how it’s possible to destroy the house SO FAST, but he makes it possible. 

Me feeling too sad to care=toys don’t get put away properly=mom gets more sad= home is chaotic=everyone is stressed=yelling=threatening to throw out all toys=everyone is sad. 


WHATT!!! Seriously… clutter, chaos, and toys everywhere = sucks. 


So no matter how tired I am, how depressed I am that day, how sick I may feel, I make it happen. 

5. Use a timer, put on some music, and dance those toys away!

  • Using a timer to remind your child that it doesn’t actually take that long to clean up! Also, it allows you to place some urgency on the whole thing. 
  • Put some music on and dance because.. my goodness it’s fun! Cleaning up, organizing, and chores shouldn’t be painful. This is such a great opportunity to enjoy this time with your child (or children)! 

If there is ONE take away from this it is this:

Don’t just sit there and yell at your kids from another room to clean up their toys  if they haven’t learned a (the) system yet. TEACH THEM!! And, if you don’t have the time or the know-how, or patience, then calll me and I can help you create this easy system for them! 


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