How to organize your linen closet

How to organize your linen closet and why it's a must!

There is no doubt that having an organized space is super important and the reasons for that are pretty much the same every time:

  1. You save time.
  2. You save money.
  3. You save energy. 

For me, those reasons are good enough. However, if someone told me I could save on all of those things by creating a simple change in my life (aka working out or eating healthy) it doesn’t mean that I am automatically going to do it! I need proof, education, and a heck of a good reason to do it. 

Meet Sue (not actually her name but we’ll go with it). 

Sue is a busy single mama that does her best to stay on top of it all. She works full-time, is an incredible mom, has a big heart and oh my gosh, she is pretty exceptional at home decor & design (her side passion)

You see, Sue doesn’t have time in her day to spend organizing her space so what happens is she buys things when she needs it because she also doesn’t have the time to look through all of her stuff. She gets frustrated because she can never find her swimming goggles. She gets upset when she noticed she already had 3 bottles of cough syrup. She breaks down when she looks at the space and feels defeated over and over again but still, she just has no time to get around to doing it herself

So, that’s where I came in. 

While Sue was at work I was able to completely reorganize her space so she never has to waste time, money, or energy again. 


Money comes and goes. Energy ebbs and flows. But time, time is something you can’t get back. 

The Solution:

For me it was simple. 

  1. I removed everything one by one. I checked expiry dates and began placing things into categories.
  2. I made sure the categories made sense to her.
  3. I measured the space and went and bought bins from the Dollarstore to contain each category. 
  4. I put each category in its own bin and threw a label on it. Labels are KEY!
  5. I taught my client the system. 


The formula is simple but it does require time, patience, determination and focus. Once completed be sure to maintain and check in once in a while! 

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