How to Maximize your Cupboard Space!

How to Maximize your Cupboard Space!

While organizing one of my client’s lower cabinets, I realized that she hadn’t been maximizing the verticle space of the cupboard. Sometimes it’s hard to see other options in our own spaces when we’re used to having it a certain way. 

Luckily she had ordered extra drawer organizers from Amazon so we were able to use the 3rd one in this lower cupboard space to house her overflow baking items that she doesn’t use often, that were just taking up space in her drawers. 

Here are 3 ways we used these amazon drawers!

Here we used 1 rack organizer from Dollarama & one drawer organizer from Amazon. 

how to organize your kitchen cupboards

1 for overflow baking supplies |

1 for compost & garbage bags |

1 for dishwasher cleaner and other kitchen cleaning supplies |

Plus with the top flat surface, we can organize items on top, too!

Product Links!

Drawer Organizer Link 

Pan Organizer (Can also be found at Dollarama if you’re lucky!)

After having used these drawer organizers in many of my client’s homes, I now recommend them to everyone! They’re super practical and allow you to maximize your space fully. You can even get them so that they are double stacked. Just be sure to measure twice before buying! 

The last thing, when organizing any space, remember to try and think outside the box. Look at your space like a blank canvas & refer to sites like this, Instagram, and Pinterest for fresh new ideas!

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As always, sending love and gratitude your way my friend. 

Have the best day & happy organizing!

xo, Cass


Ps, As an Amazon Associate, if you purchase any of the aforementioned products, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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