Change your focus & Get what you want!

Change your focus & Get what you want!

Have you ever thought about starting the decluttering process in your home and began thinking about all the things you DON’T want?

How about when thinking about your future, your financial goals, your relationships… do you ever think:

“I don’t want to be in debt”
“I don’t want to work in a job I hate”
“I don’t want to be with someone who will cheat on me”

Isn’t it also interesting how often times we attract EXACTLY what we don’t want? This happens to me all the time!

Here’s another question…

Have you ever went through your closet and pulled out only the things you do want to keep and packed up the remaining items for donations/garbage/to sell? Not likely, because we as human beings don’t typically operate in this way. However, imagine how much more you would let go of if you had this way of thinking. I personally have never done it this way before either, until I decided to give it a try. 

WOW! What a difference in the results. I realized that when I thought about all the things I no longer wanted to keep, I had such a feeling of loss and sadness inside my heart. However, when I thought about (instead) of all the things I LOVE and want to keep, and got rid of the rest, it allowed me to create space for the things that actually mattered.

So, I got to thinking. What if instead of thinking about all the things I don’t want in my life, that I focus solely on all that I do want. This brought me to creating a Vision-Board!

Never made a vision board before? Here are a few examples:

I created a vision board because for so long I focused on all the things I didn’t want or didn’t already have in my life. I lost focus. I lost joy and passion for life. I was searching aimlessly for meaning but couldn’t find it.

Why not? Because I wasn’t looking at the things that actually mattered. I wasn’t looking at the potential I had. I was trapped in a mindset of fear, scarcity, and a feeling of loss.

So by creating a vision board, it allowed me to feel excited, passion, joy, and a deeper love for life than I have ever felt- because I felt & saw all that I could have, do, feel, and experience in my life. 

Once I created one, I created another and realized that I HAD to share this with you.

So, I created a Vision Board Workshop just for you!

Why settle for less? Why settle for just-ok? Why settle at all? We have one life to live, so let’s make it great!

I look at my vision board every day, multiple times a day. I have it on my phone, my wall, my computer, my desk, and even in my bathroom! I live and breath this because I know what I want, I know what exists, and I know my path. It’s all clear to me now, and it could be the same for you, too! Something that made me realize I COULD have everything I want in my life is because I realized that everything I want already exists and people all over the world already have it (love, passion, fun experiences, wealth, health, etc)

The first workshop will be held on December 29th from 1-3 in Orleans, ON. There are only 8 tickets left for this event so I wanted to share it with you before it was all sold out! 

If you:

– Want more from life
– Know you were meant for more
– Have a gift you want to share with the world
– No longer want to settle
– Want to feel passion, love, and joy for life again

Then this is absolutely for you. Let’s create our futures together! If you want to join, then simply click the link below and grab your ticket. 

If you want to come but you cannot make it on this date, simply send me an e-mail and let me know! I will be hosting an extended version of this workshop in the form of a retreat at the Nordic Spa in March, as well as other workshops around the city in the New Year! 

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