• The 10-Day Challenge That Changed My Life

    The 10-Day Challenge That Changed My Life Wait, what? Incorporating these 5 things has made the biggest difference in my life!  About a month ago now I went to see Tony Robbins in New York City for his Unleash The Power Within event (highly recommend if you’re looking for a change in your life!!!) Something they left us with at the end of the 3.5 day event was a 10-day challenge, and I’d like to share that challenge with you! For 10 days I invite you to do the following- Set an alarm and drink a large glass of water every 2 hours. Do this breathing exercise following each time you drink the water: breath…

  • This Exercise Will Change Your Life Forever

    The Fundamental Success Habit That Will Change Your Life Knowing your WHY. A few weeks ago I talked to you about how to reach your goals- and in order to do that you must figure out why you want to reach it. However, we didn’t dive deep enough into your WHY. We talked about turning your “shoulds” into “MUST” and the importance of knowing your outcome, however, all of that is good until something happens that puts you back onto your old path. So here is an exercise that you can use for yourself, one of which I borrowed from his New York Times best-selling book called,  “Millionaire Success Habits”…

  • How to Follow-Through on Your Vision to Get Organized

    How to Follow-Through on Your Vision to Get Organized Let’s say you want to create an art room in your unfinished basement, a yoga room in your spare bedroom, or transform a cluttered space in your home and use it to operate your business. Whatever the vision may be, you have it in your head but it simply hasn’t happened yet. Why not?! Perhaps you haven’t really thought it through yet, OR, you haven’t fully committed.  Turn your shoulds into MUST! https://youtu.be/Sn_kMDPjKXs Have you ever told yourself that you should do something? I should lose weight. I should eat healthier.  I should spend less. I should stop procrastinating. Meanwhile, you’re shoulding all…

  • How To Plan a Day of Organizing

    How To Plan a Day of Organizing So, you’ve booked a day off to try and declutter and get organized. However, by the time you know it, the day is over and you haven’t gotten anything done! What. the. heck. You’re not alone! But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Recently, a client of mine told me she was booking a full week off to get organized. My first instinct was to think “girl, you need a plan!“ So, I took a tour of her home, gathered some information about her space, and went home to write her a plan.  Here is the e-mail I sent to my client. “Here…

  • How Labelling Your Fridge Can Save You Time and Money

    How To Save Time and Money by Labelling Your Fridge I love to save money, don’t you? And time… time is something none of us can get back so I’m sure you’re going to love this simple tip! Want to hear it? It’s as easy as… Tadah!  Yes… all I did was label the inside of my clients fridge.  Why? Let me tell you 3 benefits to labelling the inside of your fridge. 1. You save money because… Everything has a defined space. Have you ever gone to look for something but couldn’t find it? Then you went out and bought a new one and BAM, now you have two! Ya, that’s really…

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