5 Quick Tips for Organizing Your Home

Do you ever wonder how people with kids keep a tidy, clutter-free home?

The answer is… they don’t!

No, I’m just kidding! It is possible. But if I’m being honest… I bet you that not every single area at every given moment each space is clutter-free, tidy and organized. I want to say it’s merely impossible but then again, there are anomolys. 

So today, I’m going to give you my top 5 Quick Tips for Organizing Your Home.

1. Keep an open bin somewhere out in the open in your home that is designated for donation items.

Anytime you or someone in your home has decided that they no longer want an item. They can go ahead and drop it in the donation bucket when that bucket is full that’s when you will put it into a bag and drop it off at your donation spot.

I’ve had someone ask me how to remember to drop off the bag of donations. My answer is just go and do it make it the first stop on your list instead of an option to one day drop it off.

2. Leave each area ready to welcome you each time you come back to it.

This means if you make a snack in the kitchen you deal with the dishes right away if you make a craft at your crafting table, you clean it up and leave it ready to welcome you when you come back when you brush your teeth and get ready in the morning you then put everything back and have it ready for you when you come back.

Seems like a simple concept, right? I know that’s because it is. And I also know what you’re thinking is if I had the time I would be doing that already and I’m going to sprinkle some hard truth in here and say that you probably do have the time it’s just that you have incorporated the systems to do it yet. And I don’t get me wrong I know every household and situation is completely different. That’s why you don’t have to do it on your own and that’s why having less is best because if you have six people in the house and you only have six bowls then you are kind of forced to wash your bowls before you use it the next time, see what I mean? 🙂 

3.  Try and make a single item a multi-use item.

What I mean by this is if you have a chip bowl, a salad bowl a popcorn bowl a mixing bowl instead of one bowl for each category have one generic bowl for all of those items. Try and do the same in other areas of your life! you’ll be surprised at how many items you can get rid of. When you decide that one single item can be used for many different purposes, you’ll end up having much less.

My rule of thumb is to have as many as you may need at one moment and get rid of the extras.

4.  Start saying no more often!

This means receipts when the cashier asks you if you want a receipt that means to your kids when they ask you for a small, cheap toy from the dollar store this means to your mother-in-law who is offering the toys that she bought from the thrift store for your kids. This means your sister hates me even though there were a lot it doesn’t mean you need them.

When you start saying no to new things coming into the home, it will help you tremendously by not accumulating clutter. There are also McDonald’s toys, birthday party favours, and random little trinkets during holidays. You’re not a bad parent if you start saying no more and this also means parenting yourself you’re doing yourself a favour and you’re teaching your kids to do the same. You need to leave by example!

5. Lastly, clutter attracts clutter.

With this fact in mind, start implementing small habits, such as having a clear counter at the end of every night, making your bed every morning, and tidying your front hall before you go to bed. These small acts of kindness if you will to yourself into your home will deter clutter from sticking around in those areas because you don’t want to make a space that feels good filled with clutter.

So if you found things to be helpful, I would love it if you would share this with a friend and you can also get my free declutter guide if you are feeling overwhelmed with your clutter and you don’t know where to start by clicking here!

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